Bite of Love: I Heart You Brownie Cupcakes

Nothing says I love you like homemade treats, but many mothers don't have time to make decadent desserts. Save yourself an expensive trip to the bakery or hours spent in front of the oven by dressing up a simple kid favorite — the brownie bite. Show your kids how much you love them with this simple Valentine's treat. I added a little festive conversation heart and frosting to a package of brownies we had around the house.

To check out my guide to making these yourself, read more.

I Heart You Brownie Cupcakes

I Heart You Brownie Cupcakes

I Heart You Brownie Cupcakes


  1. Package of pre-made brownie bites or homemade mini brownies
  2. Tube of cookie frosting
  3. Conversation Hearts


Simple "dressed up" brownie bite cupcakes.

Put a small dollop of cookie frosting on the top of your brownie bite and place conversation hearts in the center as festive decoration.

Stay tuned for a whole series of simple, quick and inexpensive Valentine's Day dessert treats for your tots!