15 Baby Shower Cakes That Crossed the Line

May 4 2014 - 9:04am

When you think of a baby shower cake [1], you usually envision pink, blue, perhaps a teddy bear, stroller, or floral motif. Or at least that's what you'd like to envision. But extreme pregnancy and new baby-themed cakes are popping up at showers across the country, and sometimes, it's not pretty. Check out these 15 cakes that we're pretty sure went just a little bit too far.

Source: Instagram user amyeliz1231 [2]


Can you imagine the conversation between the person who ordered this cake and the bakery? "I was thinking roses around the border and childbirth as the focal point . . ."

Source: Cakewrecks [3]


The lacy negligee! The person who attacked the chocolate boob! That foot! It's all too much.

Source: Instagram user rocknreels [4]

Feeling Blue

Why, oh why, are these bitty babies blue!?

Source: Instagram user jayyhatch [5]

Sonogram Cake

This mom really got her money's worth out of her 3D ultrasound. Yikes.

Source: Cakewrecks [6]

Kick Back

She's just not appetizing, is she?

Source: Flickr user Charles Street Bakery [7]

Whoa, Mama!

Hello, unnecessary (edible) cleavage.

Source: Instagram user haleemabmj [8]

Scariest-Ever Hand on Pregnant Belly

Where do we even begin with this pregnant belly concoction [9]? Is it the well-endowed "mom"'s nipple detail, the patriotic nail art, or the shape of that eerie hand? The combo is just too much to handle.

Source: Cakewrecks [10]

Help! I'm Stuck

We're claustrophobic just looking at this poor (and just a bit too lifelike) babe!

Source: Sarcastic Sarcasms [11]

A Baby Sandwich

Why, oh why, would a tiered cake feature a tier of . . . a folded-up baby!?

Source: Instagram user amyeliz1231 [12]

Moody Mama

She looks really thrilled about this baby, doesn't she?

Source: Instagram user ladiey_gege [13]

Water Birth

In case her friends and family aren't able to make it to the actual home birth, there's this edible alternative . . .

Source: Cakewrecks [14]

Hello, World!

No comment on this one. None.

Source: Cakewrecks [15]

Special Effects

The realism is just a bit too much.

Source: Instagram user bediskurabiye [16]

Ride 'Em, Baby!

This, friends, is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Source: Jessica Writes [17]

Pageant Baby Popping Out of Limbless Body

Yikes! This pageant-winning baby [18] somehow popped out of a limbless body. Even if her mom's "body" had a head and arms, it would still be tough to stomach this creation.

Source: Blogspot Alison [19]

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