Baby's First Halloween: 17 Cute Costume Ideas

Oct 14 2013 - 1:03pm

Oh baby [1], you look boo-tiful! Your infant may have no clue what Halloween [2] is all about, but her first costume is cause for much excitement for mama. From baby animals to beloved characters, we've rounded up the best — and cutest! — costumes for baby's first Halloween. Check them out!

Halloween Baby Hat

Get the cauldron brewing! Made for newborns, here's a soft hand knit witch hat [3] ($40) that pairs perfectly with a black onesie for lots of Halloween [4] fun.

Preppy Baby Golfer Costume

Fore! Do you have aspirations of your tot becoming the next PGA [5] superstar? You can start living the dream this Halloween [6] by dressing your little guy up in this Baby Golfer Costume [7] ($26) — and yes, golf clubs and bag props are included!

Hand Knit Lion Hat

Perfect for lil one's that aren't excited about wearing a costume, this adorable hand knit lion hat [8] ($30) can be worn with matching clothes to create a simple Halloween [9] costume. And this soft knit hat will keep your tot's ears warm while trick-or-treating.

The Cutest Cat in The Hat

It's fun to have fun but you have to know how — and there's plenty of fun to be had this Halloween with this Crocheted The Cat in The Hat Costume [10]($60) for baby!

Baby Lobster Costume

It's chow time! Mama has to resist the temptation to eat baby up on a regular basis, but it will be especially difficult to hold back if your lil munchkin is dressed up in a delicious Infant Lobster Costume [11] ($40) this Halloween.

Little Mouse Costume

Eek, a mouse! Imagine your little crawler crawling around in this Gray Mouse Costume [12] ($55) for his first Halloween. Adorable, no?

Pink Elephant Costume

Dressing up an infant as a baby animal is a popular choice for baby's first Halloween costume — but this Lil Pink Elephant Costume [13] ($28) will make sure your little girl stands apart from the crowd!

Very Hungry Caterpillar Newborn Costume

Mama wants baby to look her best on Halloween [14] — but comfort is mama's top priority! Keep your newborn comfy, while still looking festive, with this soft and cuddly Very Hungry Caterpillar set [15]($100).

Newborn Superhero Mask and Cape

Your newborn will be ready to save the day this Halloween [16] while wearing a handmade superhero mask and cape set [17] ($46). Pick from a variety of styles and colors to fit your tot's personality. The cap and mask are sized for newborns, made from soft fabric, and reversible for double the costume fun.

Little Owl Costume

Have a hoot! Owl mania is still rampant among new mamas. Indulge your owlie fetish and dress up your little one in this Baby Owl Costume [18] ($59) for her first Halloween [19].

Peas in a Pod

Who's the cutest pea in the pod? Your tot will be the talk of the neighborhood while wearing this adorable pea in a pod costume [20] ($22) trick-or-treating. Made from soft bunting with a velcro closure for easy diaper changing.

Lion Cub Romper

Roar! Your lil one will stay nice and warm while trick-or-treating in this adorable lion cub romper [21] ($32) Halloween [22] costume.

What a Hoot Owl Costume

Your lil one will be the cutest kid on the block in this owl Halloween costume [23] ($40). Costume includes a plush jumpsuit with wing-like arms adorned with feathers. The head piece and non-skid booties make this outfit perfect for lil ones just starting to toddle around.

Stay Puft Baby

Hello, adorable! Transform your lil one into the Stay Puft baby from Ghostbusters [24] ($48) with this sweet costume. Marshmallows not included.

Newborn Raggedy Ann Wig

Perfect for wearing with your lil one's favorite dress, this handmade Raggedy Ann wig [25] ($22) is made from chunky yarn and securely woven into a snug fitting beanie that stops at your babe's hairline, staying put without the need for pins, bands, or glue. And this adorable wig is durable and ready for lots of Halloween [26] fun.

Little Viking

You don't have to come from Nordic lineage to enjoy this unbelievably cute Li'l Viking costume [27] ($60). Just the beard alone is enough to sell us on its cuteness!

Little Mermaid

If baby's too little to actually leave her stroller on Halloween [28], this mermaid costume [29] ($45) is perfect for newborns in warm weather locales. The hand-knit tail, shell top, and headband make for a precious photo op!

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