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Baby Product Quiz

What Does This Product Do?

When I walked into a baby store for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the product overload. Nipple cream? For what? Now as a mother, I get it. And I think I can spot any bottle of diaper cream a mile away. Take my quiz and see how well you know your baby goods.

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What does this little bug do?
Tells time
Detects motion
Night light
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What does this cream cure?
Diaper rash
Cradle cap
Itchiness from bug bites
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What does this flip phone style type device do?
Calls the authorities in an emergency
Detects smoke, fire, flooding or other hazardous situations
Offers advice to caretakers for emergencies
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What does this sleek battery operated product do?
Tells time
Monitors baby
Records baby's first steps
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These may look like donuts but the last thing they'd complement would be a cup of coffee. Perhaps milk?
Breast gel packs
Sitting pad for baby
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What does this nifty looking device measure?
Noise levels
Time between feedings
How Celeb Mamas Stroll
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