Baby Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

Family Ties: Baby Steals the Show

My sister–in–law got engaged last week (hooray!) and visited us for the weekend. Anticipating the engagement, I made an appointment at one of the more posh wedding dress showrooms in San Francisco. Unable to drop my daughter off with a sitter, we brought her with us.

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When we pulled into the shop, they asked me to leave my soda at the door, which clearly made sense, as we'd be surrounded by white silks and organzas. Not anticipating the food and beverage restrictions, my baby arsenal became somewhat limited leaving me with note cards and books, which usually do the trick. Not this time.

From the moment she laid her little eyes on the mirrored wall, she was in love. Not with the dresses as most would be, but her own reflection in the mirror! Cute at first, she acquainted herself with the mirror and the "stage". But as other brides–to–be and my sister–in–law were ready to test drive the gowns, I had to drag my lil one off the platform.

Feeling accomplished from her successful jaunts up and down the step, she proudly took her place in the limelight every time a bride stepped off. The only thing that saved me from having to pin her down were the tall windows overlooking the downtown shopping traffic. All I have to say is thank goodness for distractions like rain, umbrellas, buses and cars. And most of all, thank God I have a VERY patient and sweet sis–in–law.